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Design Ideas for Team Beau Belle's 2014 Campsite?

The Relay for Life opens on Saturday, July 19. Beau Belle has a plot upon which we can build something to represent our team. The RFL committee would like us to incorporate the 2014 theme "A Journey of Promise," and I think it would be nice to represent the venues participating in the campaign - Belle's Coffee Shop, the Leonard Cohen Club, Kelly's Closet, Toot Toots Carolina Pub. What should we build? My thought is perhaps to do a musical journey, since all our venues have something to do with our love of music.

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A musical journey! I see our camp as a wonderland of giant instruments which avatars can sit on or climb in or walk through. Time is short so I recommend these elements for my vision:

an entrance gate made out of two guitars with their necks crossed.

a low wall around the parcel of stone or brick open at the ocean end and at the front gate

a giant piano that people can walk on the keys and it plays

Benches by a lake made of G clefs lying on their sides (the prim would just be a block with invisible spaces caused by the graphic. the simpler and easier the better!)

stone paths throughout the parcel

We just have this weekend and part of the upcoming week.

There are some of my ideas. I look forward to hearing yours! 



Passing along some ideas from Ceren:

I have been thinking about what to build. I was thinking the most characteristic building on our sim could be reproduced in a small version: the ruins. I once bought them myself and they are mod, so I think it could be possible to make a small version of it. On the ruins we could put the references to characteristic things of the sim: belle's, kelly's closet, LCC and the movie theatre.

Comment from Tansee:

Great idea Sabi!  

I had some further thoughts about music,,, and the theme "Journey of Promise "

Music being soothing for the body & soul

Music heals the body & soul

Healing,,,,,,,and Healing is Promise

Let music flow through your body and lead you on a Journey of Healing and Promise

I'm not familiar with the ruins but it sounds like it would work well in a place that is supposed to be rustic!


May O. Mingzi said:

Passing along some ideas from Ceren:

I have been thinking about what to build. I was thinking the most characteristic building on our sim could be reproduced in a small version: the ruins. I once bought them myself and they are mod, so I think it could be possible to make a small version of it. On the ruins we could put the references to characteristic things of the sim: belle's, kelly's closet, LCC and the movie theatre.

The Ruins are the area above the Leonard Cohen Club, where the memorial stones are. Fallen columns and a circular stone area.

OK! I know where that is!

Had an idea...we could have pavers that have G clefs and F clefs on them. They would match our color scheme. I should be able to create them for us. Our main color of course is the RFL blue. Most other camps have stone pavers that look the same from camp to camp. Ours could be colorful. I would make grouplets of pavers on square transparent prims to save on prims. Like four per square.


Here's our campsite - a blank canvas waiting for your creative energies!

Notes from Meeting about RFL Campsite - July 12, 2014
Present: KultainenSydan, May O. Mingzi, Tansee, Symmetry Munro and Sabia Innovia

We decided to meet again tomorrow, Sunday, July 13 at 4 pm slt so that we could include Cere. We met and will
meet at Belle's Coffee Shop.

The theme given us was "a Journey of Promise." We decided that our take on this would be "a Healing Musical
Journey." This is due to the fact that our team is made up of music venues.
We decided to incorporate various symbols, instruments and natural features into our parcel:

* the medical symbol of the caduceus (instead of two snakes entwined on a staff, there would be two snakes
entwined on a flute)

* Various actual instruments such as drums people can play, a giant piano they can walk on (using May's keyboard),
instruments they can lie on.

* A fountain in the center and a pond and a pedestal with a lyre on top. Maybe a wishing pond. People could throw
Lindens in.

* a lyre to symbolize creativity in music. (May noted that "The Greek god Apollo was symbolized by the lyre, and he
was the god of healing as well as light."

* a harp (symbolism? Sabi's note: makes me think of dying and going to heaven. Maybe we should leave this one

* Put up posters with some quotes about healing through music. - May offered to do this. Tansee suggested the
quotes be brief and inspirational. May is thinking of making the posters a series of colors like the spectrum.

Here are some links:

a quote from Symmie: "We all advocate that being involved with music makes us feel good. I see my involvement
with Toots as sort of my "social ministry" in SL. I'm there to encourage, develop, and make a refuge for people, a
place they feel at home in SL"a quote from May: "That's part of Beau Belle, too - a supportive, welcoming community
for all. Kelly's certainly promotes an inclusive atmosphere."

May offered to create a poster with all the team participants listed on it.

* We will look into changing the stream to meditative, pretty music.

There will be a meandering path that goes from the front entrance (The entrance will have two guitars perhaps with
their necks crossed. There may be a caduceus on to or maybe two caduseae: one on either side.) Sabi offered to
make the path and the entrance. The stones making up the path would have musical symbols like clefs on them or

* Sabi offered to make a banner with our slogan on it. (We don't need our team name since this is on a little stone
marker that is already in front of our parcel.

* We TP'd to a platform above Beau Belle that Kulta had created which was the size of the parcel so we could place
some elements and see how it would look. We put the pond in the center and two pillars at one end (the entrance)
The parcel is deeper than it is wide. 64 m x 120m.

* The pond will be round.

Notes compiled by Sabi

 I went to LCC last night to look at the ruins,,,, I really love them,,,,,this is just an idea,,,, the rounded area with the tree in middle at the very top,,,,, could we use that structure, and replace the tree and make it the pond???,,,,,,,,water in center????,,,,,etc,,,,

Also when building,,,, maybe could we use the basic textures that Beau has (brick work, style etc,,,)bring in significant objects or textures of each represented participant,,,Example: Toots (not all that familiar), LCC (ruins), Beau (brickwork or Icabus?)   Kelly's( artwork?)

just ideas to share,,,,,,,,

Will not be able to make the meeting today( Sunday) am helping in a show for RFL (Led Zeppelin)

Ok, I did some research on flower and tree meanings, and the only plants that seem to carry the meaning of music are reeds - think of the reeds used in Pan pipes - and oats (???). So, let's drop the idea of using symbolic plants and flowers and just go with what we all already have in inventory.

We just had a meeting about the parcel. Here are our notes:

Notes from meeting about the RFL Campsite 7-13-14
Present: May, Kulta, Cere, Sabi

We sent over to the parcel and saw what I'd done (Sabi).

Cere rezzed the ruins and a path to the ruins. They looked great. We decided to put the ruins toward the back of the
parcel with the walkway leading to it. In the middle there is a pond with water and a pedestal that will have a lyre at the
top as a symbol of healing.

May will try to find a sculpty of a lyre.

We decided to have just the two guitars with their necks crossed. (There were more) Sabi will make the writing on the
sign above the guitars bend on a path, using the same font that May uses to make the posters.

The pavers will be colored like the spectrum (as will the posters) There will be meandering paths to the poster along
with the straight path in front of the rondell (the ruin) We also talked about alternatively making the pavers a little
darker or making them have a stone texture to match the rondell at least on their sides. (They are round.) I'll give that
a try too.

May will look for trees and plants that have healing properties. We will probably also put "regular" trees and plants
out. Tansee, Cere and May have a lot of plants. Sabi has some palm trees.

We couldn't change the audio stream on the parcel but maybe we will be able to on the Relay Day.

Kulta marked the left and right edges of our parcel.

May is thinking of 7 posters: one for each color of the rainbow. We thought of spacing them out throughout the parcel
or maybe hanging them between the columns in the rondell. I think we are going for spacing them out around the
parcel with the meandering paths leading to them.

May suggested that maybe we can use paving stones to mark the quote signs instead of being a path.

May said, "Or, instead of the rondell being in the center of the parcel, push it back to the water. So when people
enter, they meander, then find the straight path later? I don't know. You are the designers!"

May suggested a musical staff for the fence. I thought that was a great idea. 2 avatars tall. I'll make it with both the
bass and treble staffs with their clefs and posts with balls on the top at intervals. Black.

We eventually decided the rondell would be way back toward the ocean and would be the destination of the musical

We'll meet again tomorrow at 4 pm slt. I'll let Kulta and Tansee know.

Sabi will try experimenting with the welcome sign colors either using the RFL colors (R-43, G-1, B-113) or maybe a
spectrum of colors.

Submitted by Sabi

P.S. May had the idea that we might want to have a builders club at Beau Belle that met regularly. I said that I was
once a member of such a club at the Chilbo sim. We met and shared our recent creations and coding discoveries. It
was fun.

Hi Sabi and all  I put down a few things on the parcel just to get a feel for colors landscaping etc.  you can send any of it back and I have a ton more.  Will try to make the meeting. T

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