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As you can see there have been a number of postings regarding the naming of the new coffeeshop. So I would like to open up a proper forum to discuss and choose the name. All contributions welcome.

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What about Collage, the origninal name of the restaurant.
Collage is nice.
"[Something] Piano Coffee Bar" ;))))
Just adding a few more suggestions that various people have made:

The Tea Tree
The Tea Light
The Crypt
The Three Belles
And who would be the third Belle? Stephs? ;p
Ok everybody, I've now set up a ballot box for the final voting!! We made a shortlist of 10 possible options based on suggestions everybody made. Sorry not all suggestions made it into the final list - we have to ensure that any names are suitable, are unlike any existing names, and are somehow relevant or connected to the venue. Our apologies if your suggestion didn't make it into the final 10.

So please head down to the soon-to-be-named coffee bar, and cast your votes in the ballot box by the door!!

Bluebell xx
The voting has closed, and we can now reveal that the Beau Belle Residents and group have decided!!!

...and the name of the new cafe shall be ...(drum roll)........


Voting results:
Belle's - 9 votes
The Three Belles - 3 votes
The Piano Coffee Bar - 2 votes
Collage - 2 votes
The Tea Tree - 1 votes
The Coffeepot - 1 votes
Matchbox - 1 vote
Cloisters - 0 votes
The Carabao - 0 votes
The Crypt - 0 votes

Thank you all for your participation and please mark in your calendar Friday November 27 (1-3pm SLT) for the official re-launch.

Detailed info follows soon.....

Blue, Teesa and Stephs xx

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