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The Dark Side of the Sim...

Well I think Excess is right - Beau Belle definitely needs cleaning up.

You don't believe me? Then find a quiet corner of the sim to sit one evening. Set busy. Put lighting on to midnight, and turn your volume right up so that you can hear every tiny whisper. After that, softly, deftly move your camera into the dark corners where other avatars gather for shadowy activities (cue strings at this point, playing The Music of the Night – think cello.) Don't let walls get in your way.… Continue

Added by Alyx Heron on July 17, 2009 at 16:41 — 1 Comment

‘Soapy Suds’

Seeing the residents every day at Beau Belle Village, I have to ask myself, why on earth they appear to wear the same clothing every day.

Well, I have come to a conclusion.

It’s the plumbing. As we all know prims are, and always will be an issue, and as much as Bluebell is a master architect, I doubt even she would be able to magically appear all the extra prims we’d need for the vast quantities of underground pipe lines we’d need to plumb each and every house.

So why are we… Continue

Added by Excess Lemmon on July 17, 2009 at 14:00 — 4 Comments

The Moon's a Balloon

One of my favourite things in SL is the moon, maybe because ones sighting of it is often so fleeting, so imagine my delight when I discovered we have two moons on Beau Belle. Well we strive to go one further all the time. This moon you can actually sit on and it has a swing too.…


Added by Teesa Beattie on July 11, 2009 at 23:30 — 1 Comment

Breaking news - rooftop vigil!

No one can spend more than 5 minutes in Beau Belle without realising that the builder-in-chief, Her Supreme Niftiness Bluebell Broome, is a humongously good builder. The evidence is all around us, and her latest blog posting telling us about the new houses she has been working on shows just why the island environment is of such high quality.

It now seems that people will go to amazing extremes when they want to rent a new Bluebell Build. Early on Sunday morning, a Beau Belle resident… Continue

Added by Alyx Heron on July 5, 2009 at 23:50 — 4 Comments

A new house

On your travels around Beau Belle village you may have seen a house in varying states of incompletion, surrounded by a yellow safetly cordon, and at times with me hovering around it in busy mode. You may have also sent me IMs, only to receive an automatic response saying how busy I am building, and that I probably won't respond. Well, after finally getting a string of solid evenings to focus on the the house, it is finally done!!

Up to now, we've only really had two house… Continue

Added by Bluebell Broome on July 5, 2009 at 4:30 — 7 Comments

A Tune For You All

I knocked this up for Harry for the re-opening of the club and thought you all may like to hear it too.

Play it here :-)

Added by Cranmillion Dragonash on July 2, 2009 at 3:07 — 7 Comments

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