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Start spreading the news....

It's been well over a year and a half since my last blog post here, so high time I posted something. But this lack of presence on the Beau Belle website has also sadly been reflected in my presence in Beau Belle; I've barely been able to get chance to log in to pay my rent each month!! My life has changed  completely since the days when I was in SL every night until 4am building things, running events and showing people round....I'm finally settling down, in First Life, with a baby due very…


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About Co-Owner Bluebell Broome

Our new co-owner May reminded me that as time goes by and people come and go, the new visitors to Beau Belle might not know the history behind the island, or some of the co-owners past and present.  So I though I'd post a little bit about me, and a little bit about the history of the island, for those who haven't been around for ever.

The idea for Beau Belle started years ago from discussions between Teesa Beattie and myself; we had been residents in another sim called…


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Mahjong scores for October

It's a new month, and we have a new set of winners in our super-competitive monthly Mahjong competition!!!  And the winners this month are:


1. Eye Nostram - congratulations!!!!!

2. Vard Galli - always ends the month high up!

3. Sonlyme Resident - well done!!!

4. Latika Kuhn - well done!!!

5. Liriel Lyric - well done!!!


The board has now been reset, and it's ready for you to start competing for November...and I might join…


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Beau Belle Jigsaws

We have a new range of Beau Belle Jigsaws available!!!!


Check them out …


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Beau Belle Windmill

To keep up with demand for bread in Beau Belle, we have built a windmill to grind our flour, and as a nifty side-effect the windmill is available for rent! It features four floors, which are compact but cute, including a private loft space which would make an ideal bedroom. Located at the end of Fisherman's Row, not far from the North Wind (up in the sky), it catches plenty of wind all day long.

It's available for rent now, at $750/week for 225 prims, so come along quickly…

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Cosy corner

Looking for a comfy and cosy place to hide away and read my knitting book, I decided to make a little cosy corner with comfy chairs in the cellar underneath Belle's. You can find it in the corner by the barrels (so handy for helping yourself to a sherry while you read your book or chat with friends).

I know I'm not the world's best interior decorator/furnisher (and actually probably the worst), and the chairs are old and well-worn, but very…

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Mahjong results for August 2010

August has come to an end, in a fleeting flurry of frantic activity, with a number of people bidding for the title of Beau Belle Mahjong Champion of August 2010. However, much as we tried, nobody could quite reach Lill Verwood's spectacular score of 40241, and so once again Lill maintains her crown!

Runners up include Bluebell coming a close second at 37963, Havanna making her debut on the Mahjong league table with a truly admirable 15606, Slacko Dragonash (anyone know who…

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Jazz Club event, Belle's

Tonight I held my first foray into the world of jazz events, as a change from my usual Rock Club events. As it turned, out, I spent most of the show off-stage, in the audience, watching friends and family of Beau Belle playing some tremendous jazz on stage!!! Great when you can arrange a show and other people do all the work!! :)…


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Film Night at Beau Belle Cinema

Thursday evening marked the first Film Night at Beau Belle Cinema that we have seen in a very long fact possibly as long as when the island was only half a sim, and we had a Grease night with an outdoor drive-through cinema :)

But this time, we were in for an altogether more thought-provoking and serious film, Frost-Nixon, all about the powerful interviews David Frost had with Richard…

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We have a new addition to the games cellar underneath Belle's Coffee Bar - a nifty new Backgammon game!!! In case you haven't played before, it's fairly simple - the rules can be found here. It's a really fun game for 2 people, and a game only takes 15 minutes or so!

Sena, Inae, Javi and I were playing together earlier,…


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Bluebell's Rock Club!!

Just a quick note to say thank-you to everyone who came along to my Rock Club event on Wednesday, and made it such a fun event!! It means so much to see you all out there grooving away having fun, and I'm very touched that you all came along!! Lovely to see some new faces there too (including Beau Belle's favourite alien Sena!)…


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Bluebell's Rock Club !!!!!!!

With DJ Stephs taking a well earned trip away for a few weeks, I'm invading the regular Wednesday slot at Belle's Coffee Bar to bring you.....

DJ Bluebell will take the stage in what is rumoured to be a spectacular rock extravaganza to rival Pink Floyd. So put on your favourite rock dude/chick outfit and come ready to rock out to some classic rock and Brit-pop, with a few surprises thrown in. As this will be DJ Bluebell's first go…

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Beau Belle situation

As many of you will know by now, Beau Bell is undergoing some kind of transition, and I thought it would be a good idea to write about it in more detail, so that everyone understands what's happening.

Yesterday Beau Belle went offline unexpectedly and without warning or notice. The first I heard of it was when Lore sent out a group notice about it when she tried to get to the sim. A ticket was submitted to Linden Labs to try and find out what had happened, and they replied…

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Mahjong scores for April 2010

Due to the kerfuffle regarding the sim's temporary closure, we have had to close the Mahjong competition for April a little early by a few days. Before we lifted up Belle's and its games cellar, I grabbed a photograph of the… Continue

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Mahjong results for March 2010

March has ended, and saw some very competitive Mahjong gameplay in the Belle's cellar, and it will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that Lill Verwood won again, with an impressive 7628 point lead over second place runner up Bluebell Broome, who beat third place man Javi Bruhl by a tidy 322 points. Lore and Stephs came in an admirable fourth and fifth respectively.…


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Beau Belle Village in the press

It seems our beloved Beau Belle village has had some press coverage recently, with a feature in cisumwebzine !!! We're all famous at last!!

If any of you are aware of any other online (or even "real") magazines or blogs that might be interested in covering our lovely community and island, do let us…

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Dear Beau Belle community,

I wanted to write a little note to say I won't be around for a while, as I'm taking a break from Second Life.

Things have been getting on top of me recently for one reason or another (or twenty) and in some ways I've been trying to escape things by using SL a lot. This last couple of months in particular while I've been off work with my broken clavicle and then 'flu I've been in Second Life a crazy amount,…

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Film Night - Misión Al Rhum

Thursday evening saw the screening at Beau Belle Cinema of a brand new machinima movie filmed in Second Life called Misión Al Rhum, the story of a retired secret agent who returns in a mission to save the universe.

Written and directed by Zurixon Yamauba

Academico Aboma

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New game at Belle's Coffee Bar

For all you game players and logic puzzle / board game players, we have a nifty new Mahjong Solitaire game in the cellar below Belle's Coffee Bar. Go down and play it, it's highly addictive and fun!!! If you're not familiar with the rules, they can be found here.

Have fun!!!

Bluebell… Continue

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Beau Belle weather report

Good news from the state of the art Beau Belle weather centre - the snow has thawed and Spring is on the way!!!! Yay!!!!

Bluebell xx

Added by Bluebell Broome on February 13, 2010 at 1:16 — 1 Comment

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