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Tonight I held my first foray into the world of jazz events, as a change from my usual Rock Club events. As it turned, out, I spent most of the show off-stage, in the audience, watching friends and family of Beau Belle playing some tremendous jazz on stage!!! Great when you can arrange a show and other people do all the work!! :)

The show started with Sena Quaren on bass, Astronart Varthader on piano, Javi Bruhl on drums and me on sax, but soon things changed around with Enricob Yamdev stepping in on sax, Female Winslet on trumpet (and later piano) and JJ Maktoum on piano also. Later on Harry couldn't help himself and joined on acoustic guitar for the Stan Getz tracks...

All in all I think everyone had a great time, and lots of participation and guest appearances happened throughout the night!! Beforehand I wondered how the likes of John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson would fare in Second Life, where the majority of events have singing and dancing, but my fears were quickly dispelled!!! So we'll have some more Jazz Club events soon!!! :)

Full photo gallery can be found here.

Bluebell xx

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