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It might seem strange to be an owner of Beau Belle, and to use this website to write an empassioned blog about the passing of another sim. But for reasons that I hope will become clear, Hallelujah was much more than just another sim. For one reason without Hallelujah, Beau Belle simply wouldn't exist. And I dont just mean the fact that it was a huge inspiration for what Bluebell and I built here, but we would never have met at all, as we met on the North Wind as it floated over Hallelujah Blue, yes, the same North Wind that now floats over our little harbour. A gift from Orb, one of many little pieces of the original Hallelujah Blue and Hallelujah Azul that you will find littered around the sim, such as the puppet show, the lemonade stand, and most importantly of all, Icarus.

But as usual I am allowing myself to be diverted and I want to tell the whole story. It starts with a man called Jolyon, a dear SL friend, who was offering me some diversion in SL one night by taking me to a random club, the Leonard Cohen Club, on Hallelujah Blue, a beautiful little art deco styled club in a stunning mediterranean themed sim. Jolyon had no idea at the time that I was a huge Leonard Cohen fan, and I couldn't belive such a mecca could exist for me, we chatted and danced, and he briefly introduced me to an extraodinary looking woman called Orb Thursday, who apparently owned the sim, she seemed very nice, but I like many people was a little intimidated by the "sim owner" thing (how foolish) and thought little more of this encounter.

I did however remember the sim, and this great club, so the next day I returned, and started to explore, I met this hugely tall woman, with very big boobs, and a striking face in the delightful coffee shop, and struck up a conversation. I was intrigued to discover her profile said "woman of mystery, woman in her sl, man in her rl" or somethng very similar. Thus started a an interesting and rewarding conversation which led onto an interesting and rewarding friendship with the lovely Inae Indigo, this was over two years ago. Later that day I met Harry Cannned, the owner of the Leonard Cohen Club, who I had another strikingly interesting chat with, he pointed out a tiny flaw in the skin on my face, and commented that it made me seem more real, I loved this, and him, and I think of this often when I hear the lines "forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in" Harry is like a father to me now in sl.

I spent more time on Hallelujah, marvelling at its beauty, it's attention to detail, the discarded bicycle, the little candles and icons, the beautiful art, the excessive planting. the yacht in the harbour, the fish in the canal you only found if you fell in the water. I wondered if I could possibly afford to move there, and if I could persuade my then partner Harley that it would be a good idea.

I met Orb one day and asked her how much for a little island, before an hour was up, we had negotiated a deal where I would work for her showing people property on the sim (Azul had yet to be built) and she would pay me in prims, if I rented a small island for its basic rent. I couldn't believe my luck, and it seemed neither could Orb, as she kept telling everyone that the universe had given her me at a time when she needed this help. A real friendship was forged between Orb and myself, and I love her to this day, she is the kindest, most talented and wisest person. I genuinely think the universe gave her to me that day.

The next months on Hallelujah really were halcyon days in my SL journey, I loved my little house on my island, and if you look at my first blog you will see it was written at that time. We had church on Sunday, which was listening to Dave Corbett at the Minor Fall coffee shop. Oh that place was great, and is a real inspiration to the interior design behind Belles (even the chairs are the same). We had so many great late night chats, where people talked with wit and brains about all and nothing and I never wanted to go to bed, I met and made so many new friends at that time, Elven, Bon, Javi, Cerise, Share, names you may well have seen wandering around Beau Belle. But most significantly of all...


One day I got an im and a tp from Orb saying she had bought something she just had to show me, it was the North Wind. We soon sent for Inae, and all took a curl and had a seat, chatted about how wonderful it was, and decided we should not tell anyone about it, it should be saved for the intrepid explorer to discover, that only those clever enough to find it were worthy of it, within minutes Bluebell arrived, wearing a hat of course, tiny and cute, I loved her instantly. Thinking of my prims I worked on her straight away to get her to move to Hallelujah, it wasn't hard, it was never hard to get people to move there, we were often very close to capacity. Bluebell and I got closer and closer, and as events unfolded that made me wish to move on, it was always Bluebell that persuaded me to stay.

Other things happened in that time, Orb build Hallelujah Azul, and opened the delightful gay and transgender club Adam's Apple, god I loved that place, and then one night I was chatting to a girl who was complaining how hard it was to find a partner in sl and I had the idea that a dating agency might help, I also thought it might be good for traffic in the newly built Azul too. So sLove Is... was born (I later gave sLove Is.. away and it became iMatch which I bought back at a later date)

Orb sadly had to give up Hallelujah, and if I had known that within months Bluebell and I would have been sim owners, I would have offered to buy it from her, 20/20 hindsight. But the new owners brought change, and for a lot of us, the very things that had drawn us to Hallelujah in the first place were disappearing, The over planting, the art, the attention to detail, the bicycle, the yacht, even icarus went, and eventually it was time for me to move on too, it wasn't the same place anymore, the view from my house was not the view I had chosen to move to, so Bluebell and I moved on, and the Beau Belle story starts from there (see the Icarus Rising blog to pick up the story)

So to summarise, what do we on Beau Belle have to thank Orb and Hallelujah for?

Well, her for a start

and her shop, Nothing for Sale Here (which is gorgeous)

Harry Cannned and Lore Lamont

The Leonard Cohen Club

Inae Indigo



The North Wind

The Puppet Show

Bluebell Broome (So every building on the sim)

anywhere you see sunflowers

the pastries on the counter in Belles

The way we treat each other

our focus on community






The Lemonade Stand

The flowers

The trees

(I trust Bluebell will fill in the gaps)


Orb Thursday and Hallelujah, you are our inspiration

Oh and in case you never saw it this is the real thing

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Comment by Bluebell Broome on September 26, 2010 at 13:27
What a a lovely account of those happy days in Hallelujah! I completely agree with you Teesa, the original Hallelujah was the most influential thing behind Beau Belle, and I do believe that many of the principles Orb baked into Hallelujah, such as the focus on community and art, live on in a way at Beau Belle.

I remember that day when I met Teesa and Inae sitting on the North Wind very clearly. I'd known Orb quite a long time by that point, as we were friends from Open Latte - a coffee shop (now gone) that Orb and I both frequented. Orb then set up Hallelujah and I went to visit it every few days to see how it was progressing, and I was always amazed and inspired by how much more she had created since the last time. At the time I never realised it was possible for a sim to be so beautiful in Second Life. It was probably one of the early things that inspired me to build in SL.

It's very sad that the latest incarnation of Hallelujah has now gone. Even though many things changed in Hallelujah since Orb's first version, and since Teesa and I left to create Beau Belle, some of the foundations date right back to Orb's original. However it feels nice in a little way that some of those original things which Teesa listed, live on in Beau Belle, and of course that original Hallelujah will live on in our hearts and our community.

Bluebell xx

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