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Regular Events on the Beau Belle Sim

This is the general pattern of events at Beau Belle's three venues as of July 20, 2017. All venues are tips only:




  • Alternating Sundays, 10 AM-11 AM: Picker Apogee
  • Alternating Sundays, 11 AM-Noon: Bearsheart
  • Alternating Mondays, 6 PM-7 PM: Thunderfoot Lorefield
  • Alternating Wednesdays, 6 PM-7 PM: Duncan Bagley (on break until September)
  • Alternating Sundays, 10 AM-11 AM: Brendan Shoreland
  • Alternating Sundays, 11 AM-Noon: Mr. Multi and Meetu Hannu-Writer
  • Saturdays, 10 AM-11 AM: Jon Regent
  • Occasional Saturdays, 1:30 PM-3 PM: Pixel Fusion Band

DJS / THEME PARTIES (check the sim calendar for the specific theme for each week):

  • Mondays, 4 PM-6 PM: DJ Waya Snowpaw 
  • Thursdays, 5 PM-7 PM: DJ May O. Mingzi
  • Saturdays, 11 AM-1 PM DJ May O. Mingzi

KELLY'S CLOSET (dance club):


  • Tuesdays, 4 PM-6 PM: DJ Symmetry Munro
  • Wednesdays, 4 PM-6 PM: DJ Kelly Cross



  • Alternating Mondays, Noon-2 PM: DJ Albert Zweistein
  • Alternating Mondays, Noon-2 PM: DJ Fly
  • Tuesdays, Noon-2 PM: Leonard Cohen songs (various DJs)
  • Wednesdays, Noon-2 PM: DJ Anke Zamani
  • Fridays, Noon-2 PM: Light Show by Alyx Heron (with music by DJ Cerenaika Cimino every other week)
  • Saturdays, 1 PM-3 PM: DJ Eaton Waechter
  • Sundays, 5 AM-7 AM: DJ PJOtterman Belgar
  • Alternating Sundays, Noon-2 PM: DJ Mike MySkinTones
  • Alternating Sundays, Noon-2 PM: DJ Anke Zamani

The sim also has special events during the Relay for Life of Second Life season, holidays and venue anniversaries. Check the sim calendar for the most up-to-date information:

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