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It's been well over a year and a half since my last blog post here, so high time I posted something. But this lack of presence on the Beau Belle website has also sadly been reflected in my presence in Beau Belle; I've barely been able to get chance to log in to pay my rent each month!! My life has changed  completely since the days when I was in SL every night until 4am building things, running events and showing people round....I'm finally settling down, in First Life, with a baby due very very soon, my partner and I have just bought our very first house, and then aside from that I've had huge work commitments all year; I've barely had time to breathe.

It's for this reason, that after many months of soul searching, I've decided to finally hand in my keys as one of the Beau Belle owners. May and Kelly have been doing such a wonderful job running things, and the island and its lovely community is going from strength to strength, and sadly my other life commitments mean I can't really contribute much to that right now.

I started my Second Life back in 2007, and I think Teesa and I started the first baby steps in creating Beau Belle (in a 1/4 sim) a year or so later. Maybe a little more. It's one of those things that when you put so much of your life, your passion, and your time into, you never really want to leave, and I often wondered if I ever would. Logically I knew one day I would, for some reason, but could never really see how that could ever happen. There was a time when I was so precious about the placement of every blade of grass, and the alignment of the textures on every single prim, including the corners you can't even see. I knew the coordinates of many of the sim's major prims and landmarks to three decimal places, for building and alignment purposes. A few of you reading this know I'm not exaggerating :) I never thought I'd ever be able to stand back and let someone else take over. I was ever so possessive about the sim and breathed so much of myself into it. But that day happened, and I'm delighted to know that Beau Belle is in the safest pair of hands in Kelly and May, who I know will continue to keep the spirit alive, and our lovely little island will live on and prosper.

But, emotions as they are, I'm singularly incapable of not renting at least my little cottage in Beau Belle. Even if I can't come in and stay very often, I like to know I have a little corner there that I can call my own. I may sometimes need a bit of a push to remind me to pay my rent, but I'll always gladly do it, as soon as I can get in-world, and support the sim in any way I can. I hope I'll never become a stranger, and will try to come back whenever I can. As The Eagles once said, you can check out any time, but you can never leave! I'll also try and help out with things when necessary, as many of the sim's prims and scripts are mine, so the transfer could take a while! If you're a resident and need something fixing, it may take a while if May or Kelly need to locate me to help for some things, so please be patient with them - it's not their fault!

It has just taken a very long time for me to come to terms with actually going ahead and making the decision. Some things are permanently woven into the fabric of your soul, and it really takes some doing to unravel the threads. I've had so many countless happy times in Beau Belle, building it up from a blank slate with all of the present and previous owners, all the events, the lovely residents and regulars, crazy times driving cars around and up the mountain, messing around in boats, the balls, the Mahjong, the dodgems (anyone remember those?), the gossip, and dancing late into the night while chatting!! I'll be back for more of that, for sure, but just once in a while, whenever I can. With a new life coming into the world for me shortly, I think I'm going to have rather too much to be dealing with in the First Life, to be able to be of any use in the Second. But I'll try and pop in from time to time when I can, and I hope I can make some of the great events, especially if the baby keeps me up at night and I find myself awake in US time zone time! :)

Finally, I just want to say an enormous thank-you to Kelly and May for being such great Beau Belle owners. You have no idea how much it means to me that Beau Belle can live on, in their safe and loving hands.

Bluebell xx

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