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Hi everyone,

This has been a very interesting time for me and I suspect for Bluebell too, Beau Belle has been in existence for over a year now, and it has seen many changes, people coming and going, and now we have the wonderful Stephs with us at the helm, a fantastic steadying hand, when both Bluebell and I can be very close to this sim as it has been built from our very heart and soul. We both rely on him so much, probably too much, and I would like to thank him for all his support and guidance lately, while both Bluebell and I have reached points of fatigue and needed to take a break from the sim. Bluebell has done some amazing work while I took my break, and Stephs has taken Belles from strength to strength. And I have seen new members of our community join us all the time.

So that is the theme of my blog, is it hard to see "our baby" thrive in my absence, no, not at all. I do hate missing things, and it is definately strange to come back and see things changed, and it takes time to reconnect I think, but to see the sim not just survive but thrive without us is not just ok, it is wonderful, because it is actually what we set out to achieve. We wanted this sim to be bigger than the ego of it's owner. We wanted the sim to be owned by its residents, and now I am starting to see this happen.

Yes of course we have some strong ideas about design, and we do want to keep a cohesive view on how the sim looks and feels, and our co-operative ownership, is all about finding a way to keep that a strong identity, and I think, we have managed to achieve that. But the sense that Beau Belle is a community, is such a strong one now, that events will sponaneously happen, without us (don't worry that doesnt mean we will stop arranging them) starts to make me feel that we have come a long way to achieving what we wanted to achieve, and while we can see our baby walking and talking all by itself, we still want to care for it, hug it and kiss it, and be part of it's life, but it is nice to know that we don't need to call the baby sitters in 24/7, like most tired parents, we need a nap every now and then.

So thank you all for your support, Harry, Lill, Lore, Pip, Orb, Elven, Inae, Javi, Alyx, Chi, Lagu, Stardove, Kevin, Polly, Lufil, Zoe, Renee, Susie, Gabrielle, Kat, Kit, Calvin, Eliz, Eugene, our new residents, old residents, performers, supporters and friends. (...and sorry for the obvious person I clearly should have named but probably forgot)

But most of all thank you to Bluebell and Stephs

For everything.

I love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Teesa x

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Comment by Lill Verwood on March 22, 2010 at 22:42
:xxx to you two :)
Comment by Bluebell Broome on March 22, 2010 at 22:18
Nicely put Teesa, and may I add that whatever we do as the owners of the sim, it would be nothing more than an ornament without the lovely community that has chosen to make Beau Belle its home, and breathes life into it. That's the thing that touches me every day.

And a huge and well deserved thankyou and round of applause to Teesa for her immeasurably large part in making Beau Belle what it is today. It simply wouldn't have existed without her.

So now our baby is walking on her own two feet. Now let's teach her how to run :)

Bluebell xx

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